Northern Iran

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Northern belt of Iran, including the green provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran, and Golestan, which embrace the southern parts of the Caspian sea, is a very popular attraction among both domestic and foreign tourists.
The Caspian Sea was part of the Tethys Sea in the past, which connected the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. The sea is sometimes referred to as the largest lake in the world and sometimes as the smallest self-sufficient sea on the planet! Its welcoming waves and shore host people from Iran and abroad who come to the north to enjoy a swim or simply have a nice day on the beach.
North’s Hyrcanian forests, which have existed since the Ice Age are known as a natural museum, and by entering each part, it is as if one has encountered a magical world, one resembling that of “Lost”, the great series. The fact that a significant part of the north of Iran is forest and mountains makes it possible to travel on mountain roads that pass through the forests and encounter enchanting landscapes. In the middle of these forests, sometimes one will be situated among the clouds and can watch the whole city under one’s feet from above!

Architecture of the North Houses

In the northern provinces, you will see a different life compared to other provinces of Iran. Due to the mild and humid weather, the architecture of its houses with sloping roofs and many windows is receptive to rain and fresh air. Not to mention the cute and cosy roofed balconies that most northerners use for chilling and sipping original northern tea while it’s pouring outside.You can see an example of these unique northern houses in the rural heritage museum of Gilan.

Local Market in the North

From the moment you enter the northern belt, you will go with the flow of its people’s life. Vibrant nightlife and the lively presence of people give meaning to the cities’ identity.
One of the most unique experiences you will have in the northern provinces is the food. You are blessed with hundreds of heavenly tastes in this land and maybe that is why Rasht, the capital city of Gilan province, has been registered as the creative city of food!
Another attraction of the northern provinces is its local markets and bazaars. Every day in one of the cities, you come across a local market or bazaar that is full of aromas, colours, and tastes, and you see men and women of different ages selling products in their local clothes. They bring their products to the market for sale and introduce them with their sweet northern dialect.

Alluring Beauties of Northern Iran

No wonder whenever there is a holiday in Iran, a large number of Iranians travel to the north. The word Shomal (north in Persian) itself is associated with holidays, good weather, green forests, and finger-licking good food in the minds of most Iranians. That’s why we decided to introduce the alluring beauties of northern Iran to you and familiarise you with its bucket list-worthy attractions; its cultured and hospitable locals, its malls and bazaars, its dense and green forests and hilltops, as well as its volcanic plains and its UNESCO heritage sites.
Following are some of the main attractions of each northern province:
– Masouleh
– Roodkhan castle (or Hesami castle)
– Lahijan lake
– Fuman bazaar
– Municipality mansion and clock tower
– Anzali lagoon
– Gisoom forests
– Soubatan
– Laton waterfall
– Gilan rural heritage museum
– Sheytan kooh
– Iran national tea museum
– Caspian Hyrcanian forests
– Olesblangah countryside
– Sabzeh Meydan
– Lounak waterfall
– White Mosque (Espi mazget)
– Viastan lake
– Heyran hondola lift
– The house and mausoleum of Mirza Kouchak khan jangali
– Choort Lake (or Miansheh)
– Alandan Lake
– Oben Waterfall
– Dalkhani Forest
– Filband (the land of clouds and the roof of Mazandaran)
– Marmar palace
– NamakAbroud tourist complex
– SefidChah cemetery
– Fereydoun kenaar international wetland comple
– Roudbarak forest
– Valasht lake
– Veresk bridge
– Abbas Abaad garden
– Abbas Abaad historical complex
– Kolbadi house
– Historical complex of FarahAbaad
– Gohar Tappeh
– Javaherdeh
– Miankaleh lagoon
– Kandolus village
– Lar national park
– Hotu and Kamarband caves
– Fazeli mansion
– Resket tower
– Shourmast lake
– Calcareous Waterfalls and Lefour Forests
– Badab Sourt Springs
– Miankaleh Peninsula
– Sisangaan Beach
– Gonbad-e Qabus
– Ziarat village
– Great wall
– Ashouradeh island
– Tureng teppeh
– Cheshmeh gol-e Ramian
– Kaboud-val waterfall
– Khalid Nabi cemetary
– Alagol, Almagol and Ajigol wetlands
– Nahar khoran garden
– Gorgan Palace museum
– Golestan national park
– House of Latifi, the handicrafts museum of Golestan
– Lowe waterfall
– Jameh mosque
– Gonbad-e Qabus horse riding field