Adventure Styles

The adventurous experiences an adventure-seeker can find in Iran.

Concur Your Fears with Kooch Have you ever wanted to do something out of your comfort zone? Something out of the ordinary, maybe even something that your friends and family would not approve of? For some people traveling to Iran and joining the nomadic transhumance might be one of those out-of-comfort-zone experiences. Our fears and...
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When travelers visit Iran for the first time, sometimes it can be overwhelming because there are so many attractions and places to visit. Iran’s classic cities alone can fill up an itinerary to the brim. But if it’s your second time visiting Iran, or if cities and historical sights are not your jam, and you’d...
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We started IRANomad as a social startup that focuses on principles such as sustainability, fair trade, and preservation of micro-cultures, and we have been committedly working towards our goals in the past three years, while many obstacles stood in our way. After a challenging year of adapting ourselves to the new reality with COVID19, today...
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