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Iran Nomad Tours is a leading inbound tour operator startup in the eco-tourism sector in Iran. At first, we were a group of friends who went for a trekking with a Bakhtiari nomad family. After that, we got the idea of creating a social business. So that it provides benefits to nomad tribes in a way that they continue their precious lifestyle. In other words, they do not abandon their tents for living in cities.

How did we get to this business?
Watch this Ted-Talk about traditional nomad knowledge on “how to reverse the climate change”! Nomadic culture holds a library of social, cultural and natural knowledge.

We have called for the aid of rural communities to join us for this goal and minimize the negative effects on communities we’re visiting. For that, we built special ethic codes for each tour. Plus, our tours are private where we experience the living in a nomad society by active presence instead of asking them to serve us. Read more…

Our Culture at Nomad Tours

Different backgrounds have empowered us to establish such an impactful tour design. To name a few: economy, eco-friendly activities, hiking and cycling activities of Nomad Tours team members. In this way, we allocate a great proportion of revenue to nomadic families. It will help their culture to be alive forever, showcase the art, culture, intact nature, and history of Iran to the world. Besides, Nomad Tours would have its own economic benefits.

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Here are a few reasons why you can count on us as a unique tour experience. You still have some questions to ask, do not hesitate to ask us anything you want: Contact Us

We present authentic travel experiences, expressly designed to showcase the lifestyle of the nomad tribes and to promote responsible and sustainable tourism.

We provide unique opportunities to meet and trek with nomadic tribes as they migrate with their goats, sheep and mules. You will sleep how they sleep, eat what they eat, and go where they go.

We travel by the rules of the nomads; their activities decide our daily routines. So, immerse yourself in the dazzling landscapes of the Zagros Mountains, their deep valleys, soaring peaks, and beautiful flora and fauna.

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