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Let us admit that the sparkle of a five-star hotel can blind us from a more colorful and lovelier accommodation. Hostels are one of those best places that can provide a very sociable and friendly environment we tend to miss each time when visiting a country. See you in Iran hostel, for instance, can be the perfect place for its visitors to chill out and enjoy their stay. The hostel is a renovated sixty years old building located in the heart of Tehran which consists of eight private rooms, two dorm rooms, an event-based café and a stunning, cozy outdoor garden which is a great place for friends to enjoy a hot cup of tea served by its friendly staff. The top-rated hostel stands out among others for its amiable environment provided there, its friendly staff and the cultural events it holds.

See You in iran hostel in Tehran

More than a hostel

The hostel is not just a convenient place for accommodation. One of its main aims is evading the borders that limit the interaction between locals and non-locals. By creating numbers of socio-cultural contents and organizing English-language events, See You in Iran has been able to provide a chance for foreigners and Iranians to communicate in better means.
Considering the imposed sanctions on Iran, which makes Iran hold an isolated culture, See You in Iran hostel and cultural house tries to show a better prospect of Iran and uproot the widespread illusions caused by various misunderstandings by presenting people’s stories about traveling to Iran and holding various events that connect Iranian people with foreigners.

gathering in see you in iran hostel

As more than 90 percent of independent tourists are intrigued by the wonders of the “classic route”, which passes from the central parts of Iran, the magnificent and elegant nature of Kurdistan province usually remains in obscurity. Therefore, The See You in Kurdistan (SYK) project aims to provide its visitors a connection to the wonders of Kurdistan and its people’s unique lifestyle. The hostel tries to provide the non-locals with a clearer understanding of Kurdistan’s true culture, history, and nature.
The See You in Kurdistan hostel is a one hundred years old building that was beautifully transformed into a hostel and an art residency. The old building consists of a cozy café, private rooms, a large dormitory, a communal kitchen, public bathrooms, an art room, and a large garden. All of which makes this English-friendly place great accommodation that helps to understand Kurdistan’s wonders much better.
Holding to the idea that Iran should not be portrayed only through Tehran and other central touristic cities, the Marivan Hostel was established and functions as the See You in Iran’s sister organization.

See You in Kurdistan Hostel and Art Residency
hostel in marivan- see you in Iran

Last but not least

Iran is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for anyone desiring to be submerged in the world of art, culture and nature. And the See You in Iran hostel team is aiming to use its touristic services as a tool to provide communication between Iran and other foreign countries and to connect Iranians with them.

*You can see the website of their Hostels in Tehran and Marivan.

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