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Traveling is probably the best chance anyone can get in order to enter the magical wonderlands of any country. Traveling is what can set your foot into the unknown and undiscovered wonders of a land. It is a need for anyone to discover what lies in places they’ve never been to and build precious memories from the brand-new things their eyes saw. It is true that the destination we choose to travel to matters greatly but what matters more is the way we choose to reach that destination. And that’s why it is very important for us to choose the right travel agency if we want to make that trip a very unique one. Fotros tour and travel agency might just be that travel agency one needs for the a-once-in-a-lifetime journey.
Fotros agency, established in 2008, offers its customers the highest level of services in inbound and outbound tourism. With over 30 expert staff, the agency has been able to operate hundreds of tours to all destinations successfully. As an accredited travel agency by IATA in Iran, Fotros Travel Agency aims to bring nations together through peace and harmony and to create precious moments for its customers during their stay in their desired destination.


A Personalized Dream Trip

When it comes to travelling, Fotros agency aims to evade the cliché approaches to travel planning and gives its best in order to design personalized trips according to their customers’ wishes and expectations from their dream trip.
By paying attention to the smallest details, Fotros agency takes full care of your trip and makes sure that your trip is filled with delightful and precious memories and away from slightest logistical concerns.

Fotros: The Fallen Angel

According to Shia Islamic beliefs Fotros is an angel banished to an isolated island for nearly 700 years and lost his wings as a punishment for his frailty. It is said that on the birth of Imam Hossein, as Gabriel and the high-ranking angels where on their way to salute Muhammad prophet Fotros asks to be taken to him. As the prophet learned about Fotros’ punishment he advised Fotros to touch Imam Hussein’s pure body in order for him to heal. As he regained his wings and the ability to fly by doing so, he took an oath to announce his pilgrimages salute to him whenever they are.

Last but not least

We all desire our trips to be something special and unforgettable. That’s why every single step is taken to reach this goal matters greatly. Thus, we need to make sure we are making the right decisions wherever we are. And the first correct step is to choose the agency that can plan your trip best. Fotros agency which is recognized as a reliable and professional agency among different groups of people designs trips for anyone seeking authenticity in Iran and plans to dive into the mystical and alluring beauties of it; beyond all the clichés and widespread delusions.