Iran Again: A Question of When, Not If

Iran Nomad ToursOtherIran Again: A Question of When, Not If

Cutting through the negative voices against Iran by standing against all anti-Iranian narratives and spreading inspiring experiences all around the world: Iran Again … and again, and again

“Now more than ever we feel a sense of a growing ‘culture of fear’ – a fear of different people, different ideologies – and fear of the others, and we think a way to combat that is to ‘explore’ and ‘celebrate’ our diversity and heritage, and for us, that’s one of the frontiers of adventure to show how we are more similar than different.”

Leon McCarron

Towards a Balanced Narration

Throughout history, there have always been many ancient rich narrations about Persia. It has always been a dream destination for both culture and adventure seekers. Those who have always wondered about the orient and Persian heritage. But, there is another narration running along this positive one; a negative, one-sided representation of Iran & Iranians. All too often, there are stories in the media of war, tension, violence, and suppressed unsatisfied people, who wish to be saved by the ‘others’. But actually, Iranian are still very proud of what they have, and what they offer to people coming here, in Iran. They are still living and resisting as much as they can to those harsh critics, or against those ‘crippling sanctions’ and the ‘economic wars’. After all, they have decades of such experiences especially when it comes to life-threatening diseases and not having the live-saving pharmaceuticals they need for their loved ones. They know nothing is more important than acknowledging their dignity and independence. And, we all know this media is never going to tell the whole truth any time soon.
So, Iranians simply want a balanced and unbiased representation and narration of their country, where all voices can be taken into account. All they ever wished to do for Iran was to show the world its true picture, beauty, roots, and power.
Despite the media’s blackout surrounding Iran and its long-standing strategy to misrepresent Iran & Iranians, we are still hopeful for a balanced narration and better future for our country and the whole world. ‘Iran Again’ is what we are doing to outvoice the negative voices who are trying to dissuade the travelers from traveling to Iran.

Iran is safe- nomad tours

Iran Nomad Tours & the Persian Heritage

About three years ago, after years of conducting ‘local development projects’ we embarked on something fundamental: preserving our ancient Persian heritage. After all, all our roots go back to our nomads, and they are our true Persian roots.
As you guys already know, we’ve been trying hard since the beginning of our project in order to show the world how important and unique is our Persian heritage, especially the endangered nomadic culture. We’ve been successful for most of the time, thanks to you guys, the travelers who are willing to come to Iran, putting aside the negative image and some time, the tense political situation of our country. We’ve gone through hard times, but we know, deep in our hearts, that you’ve acknowledged our good intentions for both the nomads and you, the travellers. That’s why we are hopeful you are going to pave the way for ‘Iran Again’ campaign. Through all these 3 years, YOU have definitely been the defining factor in each decision we’ve made, and you’ve brought so much inspiration to us that we’d like to thank you, individually, for what you’ve done. The fact that you choose to come to Iran despite all you’d seen or heard in the media is highly admirable. The nomads are not going to forget the adventures they lived with you any time soon.

Special Thanks to

Serial Hikers, Vincent, Marcello, Thomas in documenting the nomads’ life.
Kerri-Ann & Michael. When the nomads saw, you’re writing down all you see from their daily life, you really proved it to them their knowledge is precious.
Hyojoung & Julen for your all-the-time supports & encouragement.
Redzib for the nice informative articles about the nomads.
Tom, for your environmental concerns & encouraging the nomads not to hunt bears!
Ivan. Your observant eyes for the ecotourism principles have been invaluable to us. As a person who has travelled a lot in Iran, your words of approval for what we’re doing have always been so encouraging.
Simon & Corinne, for your will to show the world that: ‘Iran is Safe!’
Judy, for your motherly support, your kind and caring talk to the nomads, and especially with Bibi-Ziadi who had lost her brother.
Alex & Bernadette for the moments you spent with the nomad children playing cards with them and sharing your happiness.
Claudia and Evylin. The nomads speak highly of you as two brave sporty women who came to visit us.
Marcello, Ale and Luice, the nomad sons with whom you did the migration still sing “Bella Ciao” while shepherding.
Vincent. Tala, the nomad woman still asks us how is “Jeghele zarde”? (my blond son).
Rachele. Hossein is still asking about you; ‘the Italian girl who joined his family two times’. They are waiting to see you for the third time.
Samuel. The nomads still remember how you took good care of the herd in the mountains, and use “Vamos! Vamos!” teaching Spanish to the sheep.
Joseme & Susana. Your presence among the nomads on those wintery days has really made a great change. You knew a lot about village life and that made all the difference.
Stephanie, Brigitte & Fanni, “the shepherdess girl ever” ☺. We’ve learned so much from you. Stephanie, your help, during and after the kooch, and Brigitte, your unique kindness made unforgettable moments for us.
Salina. I’m sure Leila Jan will never forget about you.
Maren & Julia. Babadi family is looking forward to having you in their migration for the next years.
And the list goes on and on because every experience was such an amazing moment to share with you guys.

Experience meeting with Lonely Planet Iran nomad tours

Ambassadors of Iran & Nomads in Iran Again

We decided to write those words because we need your help and support to introduce ‘Real Iran’ to the world and to ‘cut through the negative voices’ in Iran Again campaign. We’d like to offer you the status of ‘ambassadors of Iran Nomad Tours’, as we consider you the best testimony of what alternative travel is, and what Iran really is.
We saw so many different profiles of travelers and through our most recent experience, this new trend of slow travelers, which are usually not afraid about what we hear on the news, or at least, have a more critical point of view on the world. And that’s what we’re looking for in Iran Again. Spring is coming in only 1 month here in Iran and it’s definitely the best time to visit the country, as every single part of it has really good weather and beautiful colorful landscapes. Also, the events which occurred in January are now behind us and the country is very safe to visit. We hope we could help you answer some of the concerns you could have about the situation here.
If you have any suggestions or ideas concerning our project, anything you would think is worth modifying or improving, feel free to share it with us.
We’d be glad if you could spread the word around you, sharing your experience and try to convince those people who have never been to Iran, that this country has many things to offer. In less than 2 months, nomads’ seasonal transhumance begins over magnificent Mt. Zagros. Every now and then, when the nomads reach the peak where they can make phone calls, they call us & ask if once again we’re going to join their odyssey or not. We’d appreciate it if you talk about this Persian nomadic experience with those around you whom you think would love to do it. We believe that, you, telling them would be more effective & inspiring and helps us more in Iran Again campaign.
Here is one of the options for supporting us, but for sure we are open to any creative ideas that you might have in mind for this goal. So, please feel free to contact us for more discussions.
To end on a more positive note, we would like to be hopeful again for the future of not only our country but for the future of all of us, the human beings living on Planet Earth. We hope to see you again in the future, and that’s why we called this Email, “Iran Again”.

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