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The epic migration of the Bakhtiari nomads of Iran
We started IRANomad as a social startup that focuses on principles such as sustainability, fair trade, and preservation of micro-cultures, and we have been committedly working towards our goals in the past three years, while many obstacles stood in our way. After a challenging year of adapting ourselves to the new reality with COVID19, today IRANomad Crowdfunding Campaign is finally live, in an attempt to bring back livelihood to our social business and give us the means we need to carry on with our important cultural cause. We worked hard on IRANomad campaign to include an exciting perk for every kind of person, and we’d deeply appreciate your help in sharing this campaign with your friends and family.

1. Perks You Can Buy

    1.1 Nomadic Wild Herbs

We receive many questions about our wild herbs that are hand-picked by the nomads from their surrounding mountains. In this article, we want to give you a short description of the properties of each of these wild herbs and how you can use them to brighten up your kitchen.

  • Persian shallots: One of the nomadic herbs is Persian shallot. Persian shallot is a jack of all trades when in the culinary world. This fragrant herb can be powdered and mixed with yogurt, or used as a spice for marinating chicken or meat. You can also mix it and cook it with your rice and make an amazing fragrant herbal rice. You can also add it to your salad to spice things up or put it in your pickles and fermented veggies. Persian Shallots are a great source of vitamin C, Iron, calcium, and folic acid, which makes it a champion against cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and migraines.
  • Oregano: This might be the most known of our wild nomadic herbs, since many of you associate this herb with Italian cuisine. The nomads also pick Oregano from the mountains and use it as a herbal remedy as well as a spice. The nomads mix oregano with caramelized onions, turmeric and curd and use this as a topping on their herbal soups. Dried oregano can be powdered and mixed with yogurt to settle an upset stomach, or used as a steeped herbal tea for the same purpose. Oregano tea is the holy grail of herbal teas that can be used to alleviate and relieve body pain like rheumatism, inflammation in the throat and mouth and, increase appetite. Oregano tea is a great replacement for regular black tea, if you’re looking for a hot drink that is more beneficial.
  • Wild Celery: Or as nomads call it “Kelows”. This wild nomadic herb has a very strong delicious fragrance that fills your nostrils right when you open the package. This species of plant is endemic to the Zagros mountains of Iran ONLY, and is incredibly valuable to the nomads, so much so that take shifts guarding the area of the mountain that wild celery grows in, so that no one takes more than their share of this plant. The Bakhtiari nomads use Kelows in their pickled vegetables and mix the powdered leaves with their yogurt. You can also steep the leaves to make herbal tea, or mix it with regular black tea. Kelows also has qualities that help with reducing high blood pressure, detoxing the body, and relieving stress and anxiousness. Wild celery is also a game-changer in your regular chicken dinner, trust us on this.
  • Wild Chives: Dried wild chives can be used instead of fried onions to add flavor to different dishes. This nomadic herb can be added to soups or like nomads do, even sprinkled on top of fried eggs to spice them up and make them more exciting. You can get creative and add it to your salad or whatever else that you see fit. You can’t go wrong with wild chives.
  •     1.2 Organic Honey

    This organic honey is unique and priceless because the bees that make this honey are endemic to the Zagros region only, and they get to roam freely and feed on the wild flora of the Zagros mountains such as Baneh (wild pistachios), wild apples, pears and hawthorn berries, and also oak trees. The honey has a distinct clear dark reddish color and a subtle herbal flavor.

        1.3 Traditional Nomadic outfit

    The nomad men’s outfit consists of Chogha and hat. Chogha is a short-sleeved, knee-length Jacket, hand-made from wool by nomad women. Its striped black and white pattern is said to symbolize good and evil, and that good always outweighs the bad in the end. It can be worn over a long-sleeve T-shirt and keep you nice and warm. The nomadic hat is also round and made from wool. This perk also contains a handbag, made from wool and by nomad women, that has the same striped pattern as the Chogha. The traditional nomad women’s outfit can be added as an add-on perk if you choose the nomad men’s outfit. The women’s outfit consists of a long blouse, skirt, and a very long thin scarf, complete with a headband. The woman’s ensemble is very sparkly because of all the hand-stitched rhinestones and embroidery and is guaranteed to make you feel very regal and beautiful. If you do get this perk, we will contact you to get your size and work out the details.

        1.4 Nomads’ Odyssey

    By getting this perk you can make a reservation for yourself (or with a friend) to our feature tour The Nomads’ Odyssey . This voucher will be valid for three years. In this tour you get to fully immerse yourself in the nomadic lifestyle for 7 days and accompany nomads on their transhumance route through the Zagros mountains.

        1.5 Virtual Nomadic Evening

    In this virtual gathering, you can watch photos and videos of our previous journeys with the nomads through the Zagros mountains and talk to some of our previous travelers about their experience of living with the nomads. We might also talk about nomadic songs and ballads, and learn an easy nomadic recipe.

    2. Referral Contest

        2.1 IRANomad Referral Contest; Benefit While Contributing to a Cultural Cause

    In this article, we want to explain how you could help us promote our Crowdfunding Campaign. This would be a win-win-win collaboration! Who is the third winner? This collaboration has three sides. Us, you and your friends and the nomads. When you invite your friends to IRANomad campaign all of you will benefit from it. The delivered goods will be beyond their expectations, so they will benefit from amazing organic products. You will also benefit from the share that you gain from bringing people to our campaign. On the other hand, the nature of the Zagros mountains will also benefit from this, because its guardians, who are the nomads, will be motivated to continue this lifestyle which in turn will lead to a more sustainable environment and the preservation of an intangible cultural asset.

        2.2. How to Get Started?

    You can copy your own personal link after coming to the IRANomad campaign page. You can also ask us to send you your personal link. To do so, you can either email us through or text us in WhatsApp: +989131798395. Then share this link in your social media and groups. The Indiegogo platform reports how many people have used your personal link to see our campaign and how much purchase has been made by them.

        2.3. How to Help Share the Campaign?

    You can post about the different ‘perks’ of our campaign in your groups and share your personal link with them. Each perk is designed to attract a different group of our audience. For example, the “Aash-e-Kashk kit and recipe” could be interesting to Iranians outside Iran.

    You can also decide to promote only one perk with the same referral procedure if you like to. In this way, the chance of the conversion rate might be higher because you can decide which perk is suitable for a group of people. For example, if you know a group full of avid travelers, maybe it would be a better idea to give the link of our discounted tour perk instead of the whole campaign link since the other perks may be distracting and irrelevant to that group.

        2.4. What Can I Get?

    You can either get 15% of your whole referral purchases, or you can get the equivalent of 25% worth of your referrals from our perks. In order to get a discounted tour perk, your referrals have to amount to 2500$. The person who gathers the most contributors (regardless of the number) can also choose a Kooch tour (Nomads’ Odyssey) as his/her prize.

    An example: Let’s assume that 2250 $ has been added to IRANomad campaign from your referral link. In regard to your help in promoting our campaign, you can either get 15% of this accumulated contribution directly, or you can get 25% of it (562.5 $) as a gift coupon to buy from the perks of this campaign. The third option is to choose a Kooch tour at the discounted price of 750$ (because the tour gets another 25% discount in this context)

        2.5. How Can I Be Sure That My Referrals Count?

    First, you need to create and sign in to your Indiegogo account. Then, you need to back IRANomad campaign by getting a perk (doesn’t matter which perk you choose). Next, visit the campaign page on Indiegogo and look to the right of the main video for the “Link”. Click the “Link” button. A unique link will be generated for you. Copy this link and use your unique URL to share the campaign on social media, email your friends and contacts, write a blog post, etc. Keep in mind that the persons who click on your link need to make a contribution right away in order to be counted as your referrals. If they leave the campaign page and later return to it (not using your link) then their contribution won’t be counted as your referral.

    Click the “Link” button. You will then see a popup with your unique link. Copy your unique share URL and use your unique URL to share the IRANomad campaign on social media, email your friends and contacts, write a blog post, etc.