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bakhtiari nomads of Iran
This article which is about Iran nomads’ transhumance (kooch) is published in the heritage and tourism magazine of ‘Gilgamesh’, No. 7, Autumn 2019 Kooch (Transhumance, kuch, Seasonal Migration) is the act of moving with livestock between summer and winter pastures (Yaylaq & Qishlaq) in search of grasslands for the livestock. Kooch (or Kuch or Koch)...
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Tribes of Iran-iran Nomad Tours
One of the best parts of travelling abroad is knowing the indigenous people of the area. When it comes to Iran, going deep into Nomad tribes of Iran, and it’s almost like traveling back into the past. Some of these indigenous people still follow the same life of their ancestors; moving twice a year with...
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6 Main Reasons Why Nomads are Worth Visiting
Here are six main reasons why visiting the indigenous people of Iran is a must for the adventure seekers who come to Iran.  In recent years, the number of Nomads has decreased dramatically. National Geographic explains the reasons. Small in size, but big on attraction, their beauty is unmatched. Apart from Nomad people, the verdant...
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Nomad Migration
A move toward a life-changing journey … How to get the most out of your stay in Iran It has happened to all of us to see our favourite characters in movies embark on a kind of pilgrimage, or a mountainous journey or passing through some rare, epic scenery to reach the indigenous people of...
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Preserving Nomadic Lifestyle
Ancient migrations are now on the verge of extinction. Nomads’ ethereal Migration, apart from being an epic cultural movement, has been regarded as an essential measure in environmental preservation. Nomadic Lifestyle: A Way to Preserve the Environment Known as an outdated way of life, accordingly Nomadic Lifestyle is nowadays on the on edge of extinction....
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Migration Nomads Bakhtiari
People ask us whether nomads practice slow travel themselves. We say yes they do. Plus we slow travel with them because they are the ones that decide our daily activities. Yet, in order to understand what is slow travel, one should know what is fast travel! What is Slow Travel? Nomadic Version Before the advent...
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