A Must-Do to Make the Most of Your Stay in Iran

Iran Nomad ToursNomadsA Must-Do to Make the Most of Your Stay in Iran

A move toward a life-changing journey …
How to get the most out of your stay in Iran

It has happened to all of us to see our favourite characters in movies embark on a kind of pilgrimage, or a mountainous journey or passing through some rare, epic scenery to reach the indigenous people of the area. Sometimes, we wish to have the same experience; feeling the chill of the air, the mere adventure, and the other iconic views all for ourselves. We really recommend the adventurous travelers to experience the very life that Nomads of Iran live. Here is a list of the man tribes of Iran.

If you have never travelled to Iran, you’re missing a unique experience. And, if you’ve never seen a Nomad, your miss would be twice as much. Not many counties around the world have still had Nomads; in many countries, they’ve become extinct. Read more about the nomads of the world. Iran has still preserved its Nomads, though they are fading away little by little. So, if you want to be one of those who have experienced such superb nomadic lifestyle, your chances to find Nomads are limited. Iran has one of the most authentic Nomads ever. They live in intact Zagros mountain ranges, and twice a year do their seasonal kooch (transhumance).

Why Nomads?

Living with Nomads: Living through History

Behind magnificent Zagros mountain ranges, somewhere surrounded by fields of Oak trees, live a group of indigenous people of Iran: Bakhtiari Nomads. Over there, there is life, yes, but not a familiar way of life for many. Time has stopped there. Just in the middle of nowhere, there is a majestic nomadic black tent, surrounded by sheep, goats, horses & donkeys. There is a lone nomad man on horseback crossing from one side to the other guarding the animals. Women are also making bread or fetching wood for the fire. Here, It’s a whole different way of life.

Accompanying Nomads in their Kooch: An Ideal Adventure

For avid hikers or adventurous backpackers who wish to have a different experience in Iran, Nomads could be a novel experience. By joining nomads for their seasonal kooch, they can experience not only hiking on magnificent Iran mountains, but also living with a genuine tribe. Apart from the adventure one is going to experience while doing kooch with the Nomads, we can learn a lot of independence; how to reach our potentials in living in nature. Spending some days with the Nomad is the whole different story. Their being hardworking, resilient, tough and agile – moving to the peaks of the most difficult mountains of Iran in their seasonal transhumance – make these people quite unique. They are born with a love for the mountains. All in all, they would be quite simply a huge inspiration for us. It is no exaggeration to say that everyone will be affected by the trip. Coming back to cities, we’re no longer the previous person. The epiphanic moments would stay with us forever.

Here is also REDZIB SKOMORAC‘s account of his trip to Bakhtiari Nomads of Iran.

So, if you are looking for opportunities for adventure, natural beauty and authentic culture, Nomads are top-notch destinations.

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