Iran Nomads Podcast: The Life on the Move

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How much do you know about different aspects of the Iranian Nomads lifestyle?
You have got familiar with their main feature, living a life on the move. But what about other aspects of their everyday life?

There are different tribes of Iranian nomads. They spread all over Iran and dominate the mountains. And, they continue their ancestral method in adopting the life on the move from summer pastures to winter pastures. The most known of these Iran nomads are Shahsavan nomads in Ardebil province (northwest of Iran), Bakhtiari nomads (the central and western mountains of Zagros), and Qashqai nomads (pastures of Fars province in the center of Iran).

Their unique way of living has led to rich music, literature, and history. It is not that easy to leave your place and move to another one with all your family and herd to do kooch. The primitive-like form of their life on the move is far away from what most of us have got used to through the modern, technologic lifestyle. They have to handle most of their issues in basic methods. 


a nomad family packing their belongings to begin their seasonal transhumance

This kind of living has been reflected in their myths, stories, music, songs, and lullabies. From the Turkish lyrics of Shahsavan nomads to the Lori ballads of Bakhtiari nomads all across the western mountains of Iran, continued to the myths of Qashqai nomads in central Iran, we can enjoy their authentic narrations. There are tragic love stories and sorrowful lullabies that daughters in cradles had heard from their mothers and continued telling them to their own daughters. And, who can deny the mesmerizing love songs and ballads that fathers sang in the pastures and sons have transferred them to the next generations throughout the centuries?
We wanted to present to you the joy of listening to these native, noble songs and local music. Thus, Iran Nomads Tours sponsored a podcast by Padena podcast group. In this Iran nomads podcast, you listen to some folkloric pieces of music and legends of our nomads. These are the tales told by the elders for the youngsters by the fire and in the remote nature of Iran.

We suggest you to pour a cup of tea for yourself, sit at a cosy corner, close your eyes, and listen to the Iran nomads podcast while sipping your tea: Iran Nomads Podcast: Life on the Move

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