Iran to Resume Iran Tourist Visas in the Near Future

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Iran Tourist Visas

After a long pause following the Covid19 pandemic, news from Iran’s ministry of tourism and ministry of healthcare indicates that issuing Iran tourist visas to foreign travelers is going to resume in the near future. Right now international flights to and from Paris, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Vienna, Dubai, Doha, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Basra, Guangzhou, Moscow, Beirut and, Delhi are available although some of these flights are only accessible to those who have a residency, work or education permit. Also, flights from Istanbul to Tehran are going to resume from September 22.
Of course, because the coronavirus is still going around in Iran and many other parts of the world, the resuming of these Iran tourist visas and flights doesn’t mean that everything’s back to normal just yet, and any traveler should wear a mask and observe social distancing while traveling to Iran.

Since March, all international trips to Iran have been banned and all tours are suspended, with the exception of medical, business & private trips. Since August 1, all these passengers need to follow the following principles:
– All travelers above the age of 2 need to have PCR test 96 hours before their trip to Iran. Otherwise, they are not allowed to enter the country. The test’s negative result should be in English.
– The travelers who are suspected to be infected by Coronavirus, after CRP test, are sent to quarantine, and they have to cover the expenses.

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