Traveling to Iran during the Pandemic

Iran Nomad ToursOtherTraveling to Iran during the Pandemic

If Iran has been on your traveling bucket-list and your trip has been canceled because of the pandemic, you have probably been wondering when you can travel to Iran again. Well, good news is, you might be able to start packing your suitcase/backpack soon because traveling to Iran during the pandemic has started. In fact, we took our first traveler to spend two weeks with Iranian nomads as we speak in October.

If we want to be realistic, we should acknowledge that Travelling to Iran during COVID19 (or traveling anywhere, for that matter) won’t be the same as before the pandemic. We still need to avoid crowded areas and try to focus more on slow-traveling and less on crossing things off our bucket-list. Fortunately for us, most of our tours are already designed in such a way that help you stay away from COVID19 as much as possible.

Means of transportation

In our tours we avoid flying and getting on buses/trains as much as possible and drive our own vehicle to our destination. This way you can bond more with your fellow travelers during the road trip and also avoid being in contact with too many people.

Avoiding closed-quarters

One of the major coronavirus hazards is being in closed spaces with other people. How can you avoid that in your trip to Iran? Easy. Sign up for camping tours or adventure tours that take you deep in the nature, so you can enjoy Iran’s incredible nature while having the chance to interact with locals, avoid the overcrowded touristy areas and instead see Iran’s villages or less-beaten paths. When you’re hiking in nature, with everybody a safe distance apart, you won’t need to worry about wearing a mask anymore.

Number of people

We organize small-group tours, so each group will have the maximum of 4 people, thus lowering the chance of one of the members carrying coronavirus. Also, all the members will be tested before the start of trip to make sure your travelling experience to Iran after the pandemic is as safe as possible.

The nomads

In most of our tours we take travelers to meet Iran’s authentic nomads and spend time with them. Because of the nature of nomadic life, these people are as independent from the rest of society as they can be, and they have spent all these past months after the pandemic in pure seclusion from city life, which has resulted in them being absolutely corona-free. We intend to keep it that way even after traveling starts after the pandemic. By making sure all group members are tested negative for covid19, we make sure the nomads are also safe during our visit.

So pack your backpack and masks, and check out our tour packages. Traveling to Iran after the pandemic won’t be that hard after all.

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