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Iran Summer Tours

Iran is a beautiful, vast country with a notable climatic diversity, which makes it an ideal country for all kinds of travels throughout the year. There are various, suitable trip destinations in Iran, in any given season. Whether you want to run away from the heat of the summer or escape from the chill of the winter, you will surely find all sorts of resorts in Iran, given that while it’s all hot and sunny in one part of the country, at the exact same time, it might be snowing in the other part!

A wonderful country indeed! Right?

Where do you suggest I go for my Iran summer tour? 

Now that summer is around the corner and lots of people wish to seek shelter in the cooler travel destinations, Iran holds its head high to summon them all to its magical summary refuge. In this regard, IRANomad Tours offers a couple of special summer tours suitable for summer vacations:

Iran Summer Tour: Essence of Persia

The perfect summer adventure awaits you in Shomal (north of Iran)! Throughout this refreshing, 13-day tour, you will get to visit the green, northern lands of Iran, a few magical UNESCO-registered Heritage sites, beautiful, natural landmarks, a truly authentic culture, the lovely northern locals with their cute accent, and of course! An incredibly delicious cuisine. This summer tour is an ideal choice for those interested in immersing themselves into magnificent historical cities, remote mountain villages, old ruined fortresses, and churches on mountain tops, in a green land full of mist and mysteries.

Iran Summer Tour: Exploring Nomadic Villages

Zagros mountain hinterlands are the second-highest spot in Iran and are home to the Bakhtiari nomads of Iran, the only nomadic tribe in Iran that continues practicing Kooch (bi-annual migration or transhumance). Poshtkuh area of the Zagros mountain ranges is known for being a preferred settlement for these nomads who resort into their black tents, scattered all over this beautiful place in certain times of the year. The area is also famous for its ancient, nomadic villages, constructed some hundreds of years ago. In this short, 3-day tour, we will drive you to the Poshtkuh area to visit the semi-settled Bakhtiari nomads and sleep in their tents to experience a minimalistic, traditional way of living. We will as well pay a visit to a museum and The Eco centre of Khoye. Then, we will hike past a most refreshing waterfall and a salt mine to reach the extraordinary village of Sar Agha Seyed with its very unique architecture. This summer tour gives you an opportunity to enjoy the pristine nature of Zagros mountains, and get to know some truly nomadic families. You may even be able to join a nomadic family during their Kooch if you’re lucky!

You can book your Iran summer tour NOW and look forward to the most memorable summer!

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