Modern Digital Nomads to work with Traditional Nomads

Iran Nomad ToursNomadsModern Digital Nomads to work with Traditional Nomads

In a digital time that we live in forms of marketing, advertising and promotion have changed a lot in comparison to only few years ago. Social networks have become a powerful tool for some to promote and also powerful tool for others to make a living from it, one of them is nomad tour.

Until one or two years ago most didn’t even know what does being an influencer mean whereas today modern tourism industry (among many other industries) heavily relies on those who offer their digital social space for promotion.

Obviously, quality of content posted in social networks together with well defined target group is of crucial importance for influencers and something that separates less from more successful ones.

Iran Nomad Tours is the only agency in Iran that provides nomadic migration tours for public. Not only is the lifestyle and story of the Bakhtiari nomads specific but their seasonal migrations take place in some of the most remote and inaccessible areas of Iran.

Such combination of anthropological component on one side and beautiful landscapes that are otherwise almost impossible to reach on the other side make Iran Nomad Tours migration with Bakhtiari nomads a very unique product.

Authentic Classic Iran Nomad Tours

What it means is that the posted materials in forms of photography, video and text are extremely exotic because they simply cannot be found elsewhere. Nomads’ simple daily routines of making bread, milking sheep, collecting firewood, producing yogurt and migrating present a very photogenic material on a daily basis. With Zagros mountain’s snow capped peaks in the background we get a unique and original storytelling material.

Iran Nomad Tours is making effort to preserve the dying tradition of Bakhtiari migration and would like to introduce their wonderful lifestyle to everyone interested in nature, tradition, anthropology and generally tourism. Therefore we invite social media influencers and modern nomads to contact us to discuss possibilities for potential cooperation.

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As a photographer and promoter I joined the “Kuch” in May 2019 in a nomad tour and I am almost sorry that I came to join the Bakhtiari migration as a photographer because it was all so beautiful and interesting that I couldn’t fully enjoy the moment because of „having“ to take photos.

Joking aside, photographing during kuch was personally interesting because of above mentioned reasons – combining lifestyle and nature. Social and anthropological component of nomads living like they used to live thousands of year ago integrated into beautiful landscapes. At the same time it was very challenging and a lot of fun.

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