Why Iran Should be your Next Adventure Destination

Iran Nomad ToursAdventure StylesWhy Iran Should be your Next Adventure Destination

Ready to see a new place, but don’t know exactly where to go? Maybe Iran is not the first country to come to your mind, but why not? Whether you travel for culture, food or adventure, Iran will be an awesome choice. It is number 11 in the world by UNESCO heritage sites. Seventeen largest country in the world. Home to 81 million people, and famous for its rich culture, history, literature and architecture. You will find everything, from breathtaking scenic rural hinterlands to old Persian monuments in Iran. Read the article to see which adventure fits your fancy.

Iran has always been a fascinating destination for those who wish to know more about the orient. For them, it is like a mysterious place full of wonders where they can immerse themselves in new places. From mighty mountains to unspoiled forest, from caves and deserts to cultural-historical monuments, from rich cultural background to kind, caring and hospitable people, from delicious cuisine to traditional healthy drinks, and so many other things which can be the sources of inspiration for those who wish to seek novel experiences. So, if you are a thrill-seeker, check out this roundup and plan your next trip. See which one is in your priority list for coming to Iran. Whether you seek to experience Iran’s landscapes, or you wish to know more about rich Persian culture, the cuisine or the people.

1) Heaven on Earth: Breathtaking Views Worth the Effort

Iran might not have the amazing beauty of James Bond Island or the picturesque village of Ballintoy, or Croatia, Morocco, Iceland and Northern Ireland where Game of Thrones was filmed, but it has varied, epic, pristine landscapes, pastures, deserts and jungles in lesser-known areas. The awe-inspiring mountains, especially Damavand & Zagros, sultry jungle wilderness like Alangdarreh & Hyrcanian forests, breathtaking waterfalls and ponds like Margoon & Shadeganand, vast mighty barren deserts like Dasht-e Lut, incredible southern islands like Hormoz, Qeshm and Kish with their rich nature are just some of the examples. Here is National Geographic recommended sites in Iran. And you can also read about Iran’s top hiking trails.


  • Mt. Zagros: The mountainous region of Mt. Zagros where a group of Iran nomads lives, is an area of outstanding natural beauty which would be an awesome destination for those who seek both adventure and culture. Accompanying nomads who are the indigenous people of Iran in their seasonal transhumance is a can’t-miss experience for both who loves to see the rugged beauty of Iran’s less traveled regions and those who are more interested in anthropological aspects. Besides, the uninterrupted views of Zagros ranges make it the adventurers’ dream destination. Read about nomads’ seasonal transhumance, and why they are worth visiting.
The mountainous region of Mt. Zagros-Iran Nomad Tours

2) Epic Classical Monuments: A Taste of Old Persia

Iran is also well-known from cultural point of view. Persian culture and heritage, one of the oldest and richest in the world, has always been the star attraction for those who are more interested in culture, literature, history and anthropology. Places like Cultural Landscape of Maymand, Golestan Palace, Persepolis, Tchogha Zanbil, the old houses in Yazd, Tehran and Kashan, like Tabatabai House, Carvansarays like Zein-o-Din Caravanserai etc. are some of the examples. Here is the UNESCO list of Iran’s registered heritage. Visiting the literary monuments like tombs of internationally popular literary figures, Hafiz, Saadi, Ferdowsi, etc. is the next opportunity to go deep to the roots of Persian cultures & thoughts. 

  • Hafiz: He is the most well-known Persian poet, and his Divan is found in almost all Iranian houses. At the time of sorrow, happiness, doubt, and especially when people face a dilemma, they turn to his spiritual –love sonnets, because they believe he would give them the answer. Read the story of his burial in the cultural Encyclopedia.
Tomb of Hafez-Iran Nomad Tours

3) Iranian Cuisine: Best Things to Eat in Iran

Iran is a multi-cultural country with an amazing variety of local foods. Apart from the common food you can find in all restaurant like different kinds of kebab and chicken, there are so many different local, home-made cooks which are truly worth trying. Here is a list of some of these food which we urge you to give them a try when you are in Iran.

  1. You can try these dishes in all cities:
    Dizi / Abgoosht, Gormeh Sabzi
     (Green Herb Stew), Ghayme (split pea stew with dried lime), Fesenjan (Pomegranate Walnut Stew), Baghali Polo (Rice With Dill And Fava Beans), Tahdig (Crunchy Fried Rice), Kashke Bademjan (smoked aubergines and ‘Kashk), Ash e Reshteh (Noodle and Bean Soup), Zereshk Polo (Barberry Rice), Kebab (Lamb, Chicken, Lamb Liver, Ground Meat). 
    When you are in the north of Iran, make sure you give the following food a try: Baghali Ghatogh, Mirza Qasemi, Torshe Tare, Akbar Joje. 
  2. When you are in the south: Ghalye Mahi, Shrimps, Bamieye, Samboseh & Falafel, Pakoore.
  3. When with Bakhtiari Nomads: Bakhtiari Kebab
  4. In Isfahan: Beryoni & Must Stew
  5. In Shiraz: Kalam Polo
  6. In Tabriz: Koofteh
  7. In Yazd: Different kinds of Ash like pomegranate Ash or pumpkin Ash
  8. In Qazin: Gheyme nesar
  9. In Kerman: Boz Ghorme & Kalejoosh
Iranian Cuisine-Iran Nomad Tours

4) Hospitable People: Iranian’s Open Heart to their Guests

Yes, that’s right. You’ll never feel alone in Iran. Iranians are super kind & caring especially when it comes to their guests. They love to share their drinks, meals and everything they have with their guests. They prepare the best of what they have for their guests since they do believe ‘guests need to be cherished’. It feels like being in a different world. Everywhere you go, you meet lovely faces, kind smiles and generosity. So, it is no surprise when according to Lonely Planet “Iran’s greatest attraction could just be its people”.


Hospitable People- Iran Nomad Tours

I’ll come to Iran again; this time I’ll come for the people.

Simon / France

People here don’t owe me anything. I went everywhere with an open heart and people opened theirs to me. I just want to make it clear: there are many smart, kind and genuine people here. Don’t trust the news about Iran blindly.

Alex / Bulgaria
  • Sometimes, especially with villagers or the nomad of Iran, you need to be careful when you want to give them tips. They may find it disgraceful to accept the tips and it has its roots in Iranians’ hospitality. For them, their guests are ‘Allah’s dearest friends’ and God provide their sustenance Himself. That’s why in some circumstances they feel disrespected to accept any tips from their guests. Therefore, better to do that in a subtle way. For instance, it is highly recommended not to give any tips to the father of the family in front of his children. It may hurt his pride. 

I don’t know how I can describe Iranian people to my people … they’re unbelievable … they’re kind, hospitable, and CARING. Yes, yes, caring… it’s the best adjective describing Iranians.

Holger / Germany