6 Main Reasons Why Nomads are Worth Visiting

Iran Nomad ToursAdventure Styles6 Main Reasons Why Nomads are Worth Visiting

Here are six main reasons why visiting the indigenous people of Iran is a must for the adventure seekers who come to Iran. 

In recent years, the number of Nomads has decreased dramatically. National Geographic explains the reasons. Small in size, but big on attraction, their beauty is unmatched. Apart from Nomad people, the verdant pastures of their lands full of sheep and goats are so eye-catching, especially during their spring kooch.  There’s plenty to see. For those who wish to be immersed in the history and culture of a country, there is no better place to visit the indigenous people of any country than nomad camps like those living in Zagros Mountain ranges in Iran. We’ve rounded up 6 main reasons for going and experiencing the living with the Nomads. 

Number one: It looks other-worldly!

After reaching the magnificent Zagros mountains, over which the nomads migrate in search of grass for their flocks,  we’d face a whole other world totally away from a world full of distractions we are accustomed to. Apart from the fantastic sceneries, the first-hand experience of living with Iran nomads is so amazing … not like anything we’ve experienced before. Here is a brief summary of one of my trips to Iran Nomads.

Watch the following video to see why this expedition can’t be missed.

Number two: We’d experience how it feel to be the son/daughter of nature!

For some days, we’ll go to sleep by sunset, and wake up by sunrise in a primitive tent, we’ll make our bread, milk the sheep, fetch water, collect wood, and spend some peaceful nomadic afternoon with them in their tent. And all these would broaden our experiences. It will be a unique experience which will deeply affect us.

We see how it likes to be a shepherd, away from hustle and bustle of life taking care of sheep and goats. We see how these tough and indefatigable people spend their lives deep in the wilderness.

They are great guides who have mastered the art of living on the earth without destroying it. So, by being with nomads we can learn the art of living.

My first experience of making bread with Iran Nomads

Number Three: It is like an epic pilgrimage

We are going through some novel experiences that would affect us throughout our life. From that moment on, we are not the same previous person. We’ll remember the things we’ve long forgotten. There would be many memorable key moments which give us a real insight into a deeper meaning of life. The way they battle nature and all the struggles and obstacles can be metaphors of life’s difficulties. We’ll learn so much from these people and their practical approaches.

The scenic beauty of a village surrounded by magnificent mountains.
Iran Nomad Tours

Number Four: It would be a cross-cultural experience!

 Knowing about a very special, obscure and ancient culture, of which we know so little, would be a very invaluable experience. It would be of mutual benefits for both groups; the nomads and the visitors. The visitors can gain first-hand experience of nomads’ unique culture and lifestyle. And nomads can be encouraged to preserve their lifestyle when they see how others are appreciative of their culture and lifestyle. 

Why Nomads are Worth Visiting
Why Nomads are Worth Visiting

Number Five: It would be quite an adventure

Being with Nomads and following them in their seasonal transhumance (‘kuch’) in Zagros hinterlands would be an awesome adventure for adventurous travelers. Here are some can’t-miss experiences while moving with the nomads: meeting one of the most genuine & authentic tribes of Iran, seeing the rugged and breathtaking views of Mt. Zagros, trying a simple nomadic life away from civilization, hiking & mountain climbing in some remote mountain ranges, witnessing the wildlife of the area like wild goats, bears, and eagles.  

An Adventurous Trip for Thrill-Seekers with Nomads of Iran in Mt. Zagros
Iran Nomad Tours

Number Six: It would help environmental sustainability and sustainable use of natural resources!

After years & years of investigation, now the scientists know that the only way to stop desertification is to have livestock moving on the pastures, because when large herds dung and urinate all over their food, and they keep moving, this movement prevents the overgrazing of plants. So this trampling ensures a good cover for the soil to keep the Carbon. Thus, using livestock, moving and in large number, is the only way to preserve nature.

This small group in Iran still follow their ancestors’ way of life. The way they move with their livestock twice a year on Zagros pastures is the best way to help the environment be preserved. Nomads know the rule of nature by instinct. They have different territories, and every now and then they change their pastures so when the livestock is using another pasture, the previous one has its time to rest and to be alive again.

By joining nomads while they are doing their seasonal transhumance, we give them the encouragement to sustain the unique lifestyle they’ve had for centuries but is on the verge of extinction. Nomad’s younger generation need to know how precious their lifestyle is to our dear earth.  

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