A Brief History of IRANomad

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How IRANomad Started?

A black nomadic tent in Mt. Zagros with a group of nomad children and some members of IRANomad's team
Our very first journey, where it all started
Our story during years
Our story during years

IRANomad’s journey started in the year 2017. We were on a personal hike when we came across a nomadic family in the pastures surrounding the Zagros mountain range. Shortly after saying hi to these nomads, we were invited to join them on their transhumance journey, an offer that we accepted with much happiness, since meeting the nomads and having the chance to accompany them in one of their semi-annual migrations wasn’t an opportunity that presents itself every day. Little did we know that this simple spontaneous trekking journey with the nomads will be a moment of epiphany that would change the course of our careers. 

During this trip, we realized with sadness that the nomads are looking for ways to abandon their sustainable lifestyle and move to the city, albeit for a mundane and low-level job. This made us more certain than ever in our mission to come up with a sustainable social business that will empower the nomads and teach their minimalist and nature-driven lifestyle to other people who want to learn about this historic heritage.

After consulting with anthropologists from around the world, we reached the conclusion that bringing enthusiastic tourists and adventurers in very small numbers to experience the nomadic lifestyle is the best way to empower nomads. The revenue from these tours gives the nomads the financial incentive to not abandon the nomadic lifestyle and seeing how tourists value their heritage and want to experience their lifestyle boosts their self-confidence and makes them realize that their culture is truly valued by all. Slowly, IRANomad tours started to take shape and our traveler’s numbers started to grow.

Rebranding to IRANomad

We have decided to rebrand our name and now IRANomad consists of three different holdings working towards the same goal which is preserving micro cultures, empowering nomads and rural development.

  1. IRANomad Tours focuses on tourism as a complementary occupation for the nomads.
  2. IRANomad Market is dedicated to selling organic nomadic products straight from the nomads to the customers.
  3. IRANomad Cultural House.

1. IRANomad Tours

Environmentally and culturally sustainable tours based in Iran with a focus on nomads and nomadic culture. In these tours, travelers and adventurers can enjoy an authentic and unfiltered, rarely-witnessed side of Iran that focuses on Iran’s indigenous people: The Nomads. Travelers will have the chance to submerge themselves in this historic culture and lifestyle and learn to live like a nomad and become a part of a nomadic family during their tours.

nomadic culture
Some of Our Special Tours

Nomads’ Odyssey (Kooch)

A truly immersive experience with the most authentic nomads of Iran. This epic adventure provides a genuine interaction with nomads.

Authentic + Classic

A perfect two-week adventure in the less-traveled roads with the most popular route in Iran.


A truly fantastic way to connect with the diverse nomadic culture with 3 nomadic tribes.

Persian Highlights

Explore the main highlights of Iran; a real insight into its rich heritage, nomadic villages & deserts.

2. IRANomad Market

An online shop focused on selling organic nomadic products such as the dairy products and wild herbs that are collected by the nomads. In IRANomad Market the nomads get a much better value for their products because they no longer have to sell their valuable organic products to middlemen and with a little bit of help from us, they can sell their products straight to customers who value truly organic and medicinal food. We also tell each family’s story so every customer knows where his purchase comes from. The nomad families also love to be recognized for their work and seeing how IRANomad Market introduces their family to people all over Iran makes them even more proud in their legacy.


One of our dreams was always about making the nomads financially independent, in a sustainable way. That’s how IRANomad Market was born. In IRANomad Market, we cut out all the middlemen, and sell the nomadic products straight from the nomads, to the customers, ensuring that our nomad partners get the maximum benefit from the sales.

3. IRANomad Cultural House

An old traditional house in Tehran’s oldest neighborhood which is used as a café and hub for travel and culture-enthusiasts to gather around, have a cup of tea and get to know the different nomadic cultures in Iran and participate in the workshops, seminars and talks hosted by other avid travelers. The extra rooms in this house will also be dedicated to host any of our nomadic friends, in the hope that we can return a fraction of the hospitality that we receive when we visit them in their black tents in the Zagros mountains


This is our office since 2 years ago. The age of the house is about 140 years. It is near Tehran Grand Bazaar and its beautiful Persian architecture goes back to the late Qajar Dynasty. The house is meant to be a home for both the nomads & travel enthusiasts. Of the most charming qualities of old Iranian houses is the shallow, turquoise-tiled pool in the yard. In this house the water lilies made it even more romantic. This office became more than our work place. We live our days here, like a family. Sometimes playing games or throwing birthday parties. Our travelers are always welcome for an evening tea and chat in our office. 


Invest in IRANomad

We believe in our cause and this belief is what has kept us going through the many hardships that we have experienced, and still keeps us moving forward. It is our honor to have you supporting us through our goal of preserving Iran’s micro-cultures. Here is IRANomad’s ‘Business Plan‘, which is not just about numbers and figures. Our business is closely knit together with people and families, and we love to have investors who care about this social goal while making an investment. If you are interested in being an investor in our social business, please check it out. You can have 0.5 or 1% of our stock. 5000€ for 1%, and 2500€ for 0.5% of our stock. Contact us for more details (info@nomad.tours)

Iran Mountain
Iran Mountain