Adventure Styles

The adventurous experiences an adventure-seeker can find in Iran.

ِYou want to be on the cutting edge of an exquisite destination of ecotourism in 2022? You probably should try to explore it in an unmatched country like Iran. Although we can provide different tours, we are specialized in nomadic journeys. Our featured tour, Kooch, is one of the trending destinations for cultural adventurers. Kooch...
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Sustainable Tourism Commitments
Since tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries and a great source of income for many countries and people, it can cause its shares of problem. Cultural heritage loss, ecological degradation, and economic dependence are some to mention. The good news is that Sustainable Tourism offers new ways of travelling. Being a responsible traveller...
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Zagros Mountains - Top Hiking Trails in Iran
Iran has diverse natural vegetation and culture where any hiker can find something suited to his/her preferences. Some hike for the beauties and wonders of nature, in contrast, some prefer to investigate through cultures and history of ethnic communities. Top Hiking Trails in Iran describes different hiking destinations of Iran for various purposes and personalities. ...
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6 Main Reasons Why Nomads are Worth Visiting
Here are six main reasons why visiting the indigenous people of Iran is a must for the adventure seekers who come to Iran.  In recent years, the number of Nomads has decreased dramatically. National Geographic explains the reasons. Small in size, but big on attraction, their beauty is unmatched. Apart from Nomad people, the verdant...
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Epic Migration with Nomads
“Do you remember the Kooch we got married right after?” Jamshid asked.“I should remember it because…” she replied.“I sang all the songs loud enough for you to hear it in the mountains…”“Right! I enjoyed that year so much…” To get the point of this conversation, you really should know what “Kooch” is! But before we...
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Cold and Dry zagros mountains
If you are planning to trek in Iran’s cold and dry mountains, there are few things that you should bear in mind before embarking on this adventure. Trekking can be extremely unpleasant when we are not prepared enough, especially in harsh weather conditions. In this article, we will share some simple tips that can make...
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The women of the village used a special kind of herb, called Mountain Tare, in their food, which was really great. They picked it themselves from the surrounding mountains, and it gave the food a pleasant taste. I wander around the village and the girls showed me their school. A small and simple class was...
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