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If you have decided to come to Iran, the next big question remaining is to decide what kind of Iran tour is the best option for you. When visiting a new country, there are often so many things that we want to visit in our short window of time that it is often a daunting task to choose which experiences to fit into our itinerary and which ones to leave for another time. With Iran being a country that has such diverse cultural and natural aspects to explore, the task is even more difficult than ever. It is impossible to fit all of what Iran has to offer into a short vacation, but you can read this article to get a better sense of the types of Iran tours you can choose from, and in the end, our specialists are always here to make the best tour for you that incorporates all of what you love.

Iran Nature Tours

Iran has so many versatile awe-inspiring natural destinations that you wouldn’t need to go to any other country to experience them all together! From Ski slopes and moss-covered forests in north of Iran to snow-capped giant mountains and rock climbing sites, cavernous caves, vast desserts, valleys and canyons with crystal clear rushing water, mangrove forests and secluded beaches in the south, Iran is the kind of natural gem that every adventure-seeker dreams about. We can bring you the best of these natural wonders in the season of your travel based on what you crave the most in our tailor-made tours.

Iran tours

Bris in Iran, a port full of fishing boats in a greenish blue water of Persian gulf

Iran Classic Tours

Iran’s most classic touristic route consists of Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan and Shiraz. The fact that these cities are a major-touristic spot doesn’t make them any less fascinating or travel-worthy. In fact, if it is your first time traveling to Iran, we strongly advise you not to miss out on these classical gems and immerse yourself in Iran’s ancient glory and history while you’re visiting these classic Iran destinations.

Iran tours

Iran Carpet Tours

Carpet and rugs are Iran’s most valuable export, second only to petroleum. There is a reason why “Persian rugs” are world-renowned and it’s because carpet-weaving is the heart and soul of all handiwork in Iran. There are many types of carpets produced in Iran, each unique to their own region. For the avid carpet lovers, we can organize a tour around Tabriz, Kashan, Qom, and Kerman that focuses entirely on the art of making carpets. In this tour, you’ll go to the core of Iran’s carpet industry and witness local carpet-weavers in their actual workshops, which is usually their homes since many of the most priceless lush rugs are produced by women in villages in their own basements. You’ll learn the difference between the types of carpet, Kilim, Jajim, and see the most incredible handmade carpets that Iran has to offer, in the grand historic bazaars like Tabriz’ carpet bazaar.

Iran Carpet Tours

Staying with Local Family Tours

Many travelers yearn to experience something more than just a country’s historic and cultural monuments, and staying with an actual local family usually makes for some incredible memories and unexpected friendship. There’s just something magical and grounding about sitting down at the same table with a family and living life the way they live for a few days. Iranian people love to host guests and usually go out of their way to be hospitable and shower their guests with kindness and most importantly, delicious home-cooked Persian meals. Staying with a local family if only for a few days usually proves to be the best and most heart-warming part of an Iran tour adventure. We have a special tour that takes you to the charming villages of nomadic people and you can spend a couple of days in their simple lives.

Iran Indigenous People Tours

Iran is home to a great population of authentic nomadic people. Iran has more than 3 different nomadic tribes in different regions of the country, but the most authentic nomadic community, that still practices the same lifestyle like their ancestors did millennia ago, are the Bakhtiari people. The Bakhtiari live in the plains of Zagros mountain range in the center to the west of Iran. Each year they do a seasonal migration on foot, with all their livestock in tow. Witnessing these grand cultural phenomena and experiencing life with these people can be an unforgettable experience in your travel to Iran (if not the highlight of your whole trip). We specialize in organizing these authentic nomadic tours and you can select your ideal Iran nomadic tour based on your level of activity and camping that you feel comfortable with. Our recommendation is choosing the nomadic odyssey tour.

Horseback Riding Tours

Horseback riding is an incredible experience for animal-lovers and anyone who wants to take their adventure to the next level. In this tour, you’ll get to explore Iran’s natural wonders on horseback. For example, your tour can start in one of the dense forests of the north of Iran and bring you to Golestan province where your horses will be awaiting you. Then, you could ride the rest of the way to the Turkaman people in their traditional lodging or to stay at an eco-lodge.

Cycling Tour

Iran’s nature is perfect for exploring on a bicycle. Not only is this the ultimate eco-friendly way to travel, but it also provides a pace that is faster than hiking but slower than riding a car. You’ll be able to explore the various hiking routes anywhere you wish in Iran. We have a bicycle tour that takes you through the Zagros mountain ranges and you’ll even get to meet the authentic nomadic tribes of that region in your cycling route.

cycling tour

Iran Food Tours

Iran can offer a pretty diverse culinary experience. There is great emphasis on preparing food in every Iranian household and every meal is meticulously cooked from scratch and incorporates many herbs and spices while not being too spicy. Of course, food in Iran changes from north to south and east to west and every section of Iran has its own unique signature dish that can’t be found anywhere else. We could also take you to the local’s houses to fully experience an Iranian meal in an actual household. Or we could organize cooking sessions where you’d be instructed on how to cook the perfect Persian dish. Be sure to check out our articles about food in Iran to see how much Iran has to offer.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Tours

Iran has several travel-worthy gems that are harder to find on most touristic itineraries. If you are the kind of traveler that doesn’t like to go where every other person goes and you want to venture into the less-discovered parts of Iran, we can make this come true with the locations that are just as interesting. These can incorporate off the beaten track villages, natural attractions, and cultural festivals.

Iran tours

Village Tours

Iran has a collection of dainty villages that each come with their own charming culture, architecture and culinary experience. Mountain-top villages in north of Iran, shrouded in mist and surrounded by lush forests that can make for an incredibly peaceful time, villages like Abyaneh in center of Iran that can charm every visitor by its red clay houses and kind old women dressed in floral scarves, Oraman village in Kurdistan province with its unique stepped mountain-side architecture and Kandovan village in north west of Iran, with its rock houses burrowed in the mountain, are just a few of the amazing villages that you must see in Iran. If you’re interested in this kind of adventure, we can whip up an Iran village tour for you and show you all of these beautiful villages. We offer our own Nomadic villages tour, but we can fit as many villages as you like into your itinerary as well.

Iran tours


Persian Gulf Tours

Iran has a complete different vibe besides the Persian Gulf. The southern perpetually-warm weather and equally warm-hearted people make for an incredible experience. South of Iran is brimming with its own kind of charm and beauty. From snorkeling, watching Iranian short-snouted crocodiles in their natural habitat, and going on fishing boats to exploring the bustling night life in Ahwaz and Bushehr, or enjoying the out-of-this-world natural sites of Sistan & Baloochestan, south of Iran has a variety of experiences to offer that every traveler, tourist, and culture-enthusiast will be missing out if they don’t include it in their Iran trip. We have our own Iran tour for exploring south of Iran which is the southern seascape, but we can alter the tour based on your interests as always.

Iran tours

Iran City Tours

Visiting Iran’s major cities can give you a clearer sense of what life in Iran is like. The modern café’s and the hustle and bustle of city life is sometimes as interesting to an outsider as Iran’s historical sites. In this tour, you can visit the most prominent of Iran’s cities.

Iran tours

Iran Handicrafts Tours

Ever since ancient times, Iranians have valued artistry. In Iran, every single artifact is made with the utmost attention to detail. In Iran’s museums, you can see that even completely practical stuff, like weaponry, have intricate engravings on them that show how Iranians cared about the artistic quality of their craft. It’s not surprising that Iranian artisans developed many different methods and techniques to apply their art to different materials, from pottery and wood to metalwork, camel bones, ivory, leather, and so on. Today, their legacy still lives on in the master artists that still work to keep the Iranian artistry alive. In this Iran tour, we can take you to the depths of Iranian craftsmanship, where you’d be able to witness masters working in their workshops to create the exquisite works of art that you see displayed in the bazaars of Isfahan, Kashan, Yazd, Tabriz and so on.

two nomad women are weaving a Persian carpet while sitting under their tent

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