The Best Digital Detox Spots in Iran

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To detach yourself from the digital world for a while, detoxify your life from all the ring ping dings at Iran’s best digital detox spots.

Nowadays, travelers are showing more interest in getting away from technology even temporarily and they know that one of the best bets is to intentionally choose Wi-Fi-free (instead of free-Wi-Fi) destinations or spots with no phone signal at all. Digital Detox Spots can be experienced almost everywhere including Iran. It’s safe to say that these journies are truly back-to-nature experiences where you will experience a less-known face of Persia. That’s why we’re releasing six Digital Detox Trips: exclusive departures where there’ll be no social media, no phones, and no cameras. NOT AT ALL. This is “travel” like it used to be in the pre-digital world. An unplugged, uninterrupted adventure.

1. Bakhtiari Nomads on Zagros Mountains

Ideal for: an all-out adventure

There’s something about venturing into authentic scenic nomadic mountainous spots in Iran that feels like making a bid for freedom, seeking out untouched, pristine, rugged, and almost inhospitable Zagros landscapes, to embrace solitude, simplicity, and adventure. There is no phone reception beyond the common areas. Wifi struggles to make it through these thick mighty ranges of Zagros, so connectivity is limited to a few specific points on some mountain peaks. And instead, you have mountain climbing, glacier hiking, horseback riding, and a breathtaking view of emerald lakes, rivers, springs, and one of Persia’s authentic cultural heritages which seems like a decent swap. The area is brimming with 7000 years of history. By staying in this digital detox destination, you’ll make the most of the pristine nature of Zagros ranges in the mountainous Zagros areas.

Insider tip: The only problem with remote spots is probably the hassle of getting there. It takes about a day to reach the area from Tehran and that’s exactly why it is still untouched.

Digital Detox Spots

A Bakhtiari Nomad Family in their summer pasture
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2. Maymand: A Village of Troglodytes – Cave Dwellers

Ideal for: scaping the city & reaching to your roots

Just go to Kerman province and step inside Maymand village, and you’re stepping out of the 21st century. The entire village of Maymand functions as a digital detox spot. Step inside the village and it’s like going back in history. Except for a handful of villagers and nomads who are still in the village & own the caves, you might have the entire village to yourself. You can free your mind and wander around the village to see the ancient caves and spend the night in the historic hand-made caves. The caves were originally the nomads’ dwellings, and they retain a modest and ancient aura with stone and simple hardwood furniture. Surrounded by untouched mountainous dwellings, with jackals growling above ruins of the caves, it’s easy to feel you’ve reached the edge of the world.

Dogital Detox Spot

3. Darak Beach & Hormoz Island

Ideal for: an island escape (an insular getaway)

The southern islands of Iran close to the Persian Gulf are hidden gems; sheltering the young campers on holidays. But what makes these islands special is their potential for welcoming those who need an escape from the crowds, from the mental clutter, and from the digital world. Staying by the sheep & dragon-like rocks in Statue Valley, camping on the gorgeous stretch of golden sand on Mofanegh shore, and by the only tree in Tak Derakht shore make a perfect digital detox plan for those interested in Iran’s Southern Seascapes. Darak beach in Chabahar is the next recommended digital detox spot where standing over its sand dunes, you can see how the desert & the Oman sea meet. Here again, away from all the hustle and bustle of city life, you can delve into a digital detox retreat.

Dogital Detox Spot

Hormoz Island

4. Filband Villages

Ideal for: lovers of remote villages

Some landscapes demand your full attention. In the fairytale village of Filband you’ll be above the puffy white clouds and all around you, you’ll see grazing sheep & nomadic pastures in vast green meadows. This photogenic village is one of the ideal destinations for a digital detox and a reconnection with nature. An ocean of clouds, idyllic sunrise, and sunset vie for your attention, and this time, digital distraction is not a problem anymore, because you are totally liberated from Wi-Fi.


5. Turkmen Sahra

Ideal for: exploring the green north

Moving toward the northeastern part of Iran, we step into the life of the Turkmens in scenic green valleys. There are no TVs, no phone signal or Wi-Fi connections in some parts of the region, but with landscapes like those of Turkmen Sahra, you definitely won’t be out of interesting things to see. The views and hikes around Khalid Nabi Holy Shrine; the legendary cemetery over the green plains of the Thousand Valley , horse riding on its vast green plains on one of the purest breeds of horses in the world will provide all the inspiration and motivation you could possibly need. This digital detox destination can be a Turkmen yurt.

Digital Detox Spot
Essence of Persia

Turkmen Sahra

6. Dâlikhâni Forest

Best for: jungle hiking

Dalikhani forest is a virgin forest where you can smell pure oxygen and all around you is nothing but a gorgeous green landscape. Can you picture a better place to go offline? The weather is lovely & the scenery is all spectacular. All you eat is organic, local bread, honey, etc. This digital detox destination is for those who are looking forward to swapping their daily routine and busy lifestyle for some relaxation and outdoor adventure. Where better to do so other than such a magnificent forest?

Dalikhani forest