Adventure Styles

The adventurous experiences an adventure-seeker can find in Iran.

In the early morning of a beautiful spring day we had our breakfast in Mah Bibi hostel, and then our fantastic trip started. On our way to Charmahal Bakhtiari, we passed Mavarz village in Bazoft district. We had our lunch in a very nice villager. As soon as we entered their house, what really attracted...
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Village adventure
“Let’s go on an adventure!”“I need a bit of adventure in my life”“You should be more adventurous” You’ve probably used these phrases or heard them from others. They might conjure up images of an Indiana Jones-esk character(?) walking through dense jungles. Or maybe someone in a tuxedo jumping off a plane. It may remind you...
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Nomad Tourist Friend
As I selected a non-typical tourist country, I wanted to have an unusual experience and learn more about local and isolated cultures. In several travel blogs, I learned about one of the largest nomadic inhabitants in the world, located in Iran. I searched for Nomad. Tours website and I contacted them. It was important for...
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Trekking in zagros Iran
Do you know one of the main pillars in your good performance in trekking is your nutrition? But why is having suitable nutrition so hard for so many mountaineers? And what can you do to have the best possible nutrition while you’re on the road? Well, we will show you how. Let’s start with a...
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Bakhtiari Nomads Iran
We joined our guide and a group of tourists from Iran and elsewhere. Despite our tired faces, we soon got to know each other and shared our common enthusiasm for the upcoming adventurous trip. Together, we headed towards Zagros mountains, looking for our host family – fulfilled backpacks, trekking shoes on our feet, fully charged...
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